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Simple Notif Center

Simple notification centre will display in one place all your notification history.

Simple Keyboard

Simple Keyboard is a keyboard for those who want a genuine ABC ordering when they type.

Emergency Call

Emergency Call sends alarm messages with your GPS position. You can reach relative or dedicated 24/7 emergency helplines. You never know when an emergency occurs, but when it happens, it’s great to be able to send your GPS location. That’s exactly what Emergency...

The Home Care Notebook

The homecare notebook is a private, invite-only, chatroom for family, caregivers and home care beneficiaries. Sharing info between home care service providers and family can be puzzling, especially when long distance separate. The homecare notebook is the simplest way...

My Coach

Get instant support from a person that can, upon your request, remotely solve most problems you may have with your device. My Coach can be used with Tabbya interface or separately. Register and receive a 10 min time-credit of support from our team. We are professional...